Playing to Your Strengths by StandOut®

Playing to Your Strengths by StandOut®


Playing to Your Strengths is designed for any professional individual striving to be more productive and more focused today than they were yesterday and those who want to make their greatest contributions at work and in life by embracing a strengths-based mindset. Based on the six-part film series Trombone Player Wanted from Marcus Buckingham, this 6-week course includes video demonstrations, practice simulations, a course guide, and reflection activities that will inspire you to identify your strengths and make them a vital and sustainable part of your everyday life. Leaning into the powerful story of a young boy who wants to make a change, this course centers on the metaphor of building your own orchestra, with each lesson serving as its own “Rehearsal” that allows you to: • LISTEN to responses from the previous lesson • WATCH a 10 min or less video in the Trombone Player Wanted series • PRACTICE applying what you’ve learned • PLAY your part, using the "Learning Guide" and “Orchestra Map” to capture your self-reflection Playing to Your Strengths illustrates that when people get the chance to put their strengths to work, everyone wins: individuals, who get to do more of what they love; team leaders, who get better performance out of team members; and organizations, which see better business outcomes as a result. This is a beginner's course, intended for learners with an interest in building a strengths-based mindset. To succeed in this course, you should be willing to self-reflect and open to shifting perspectives. Making the effort will result in a positive and fulfilling response. By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Identify your strengths and demonstrate them individually, at work, or in personal situations • Share, listen, and learn from others as you use your identified strengths • Stimulate conversation and articulate your strengths by asking relevant questions • Create habits that stick as you keep them at the forefront of your correlating Orchestra Map

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