Soft Skills: Collaborate Effectively

Soft Skills: Collaborate Effectively


Collaboration means so much more than simply working together, it goes beyond that and this course teaches you how. Through collaboration, you can achieve so much more than you could if you had worked alone. Some of the essential skills taught in this course include: being able to effectively communicate with the people you work with, being a team-player, as well as working as a team towards a shared goal.

In today's day and age and in the modern workspace, group collaboration is not limited to just the workplace. Collaboration is no longer just in-person, as collaboration is done virtually now all the time! This course will teach you how to collaborate both virtually and in-person.

This short course not only teaches you about some of the drawbacks and obstacles of different styles of communication, it also teaches you how to recognize and apply proper and different methods of communication. You will learn to overcome obstacles that you may face when collaborating and strive for professional success.

Effective collaboration requires the involvement of diverse individuals and teamwork. When working with others you need to be able to read their body language and understand their behaviors. In this course you will learn how to do this and work successfully together.

By the end of this self-paced, short course, you will have developed the skills you need to collaborate with a team, others in your company, business partners, and clients.

This course is part of the People and Power Skills Professional Certificate from IBM, that consists of a series of short courses to help you develop essential soft skills for success in the workplace.

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