Soft Skills: Present with Purpose

Soft Skills: Present with Purpose


Being able to create a presentation is an important skill in a professional work environment, especially when you are working in an office or business-related setting. Knowing how to create a presentation that leaves a lasting impact is an essential skill to have.

This short course was created to equip you with the skills to do exactly that. In this course you will learn to create and deliver a presentation that keeps your audience well-informed, engaged, and leaves them impressed and with a lasting impression. Delivering a good presentation is not only about reading memorized lines off of a slide, it is also a matter of confidence, body language, managing nerves, and being prepared for any questions that may be thrown your way by your audience.

By the end of this short course, you will know how to create and deliver an effective presentation with poise and confidence which will contribute to your workplace presence and help you achieve professional success.

This course is part of the People and Power Skills Professional Certificate from IBM, that consists of a series of short courses to help you develop essential soft skills for success in the workplace.

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